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Human Resources

The most valuable assets of any organisation

The hiring of new permanent staff or of employees under a temporary employment scheme is a critical moment in the development of the life of a company or institution. Whether in the country or within a framework of internationalisation, the organisations need a comprehensive answer at the level of the human resources management policy.  The success of the mission depends on the proper preparation of employees both as individuals and as professionals and the preparation of the professional and social environment that will receive them.



As part of Dosapac Alliance Group S.A. since its genesis, at Masterminds People, we have 20 years of experience in identifying the profiles of current and future candidates suitable to each function. We are a partner in accompanying our clientes in the development of their business, contributing pro-actively for the achievement of the proposed goals. The complexity of this task, one of the most important and demanding of a manager, deserves a systematic support, based on the new information technologies, to increase the effectiveness of recruitment, with a strong focus on the identification of candidates with the competency profile adjusted to the role and responsibilities to be assumed.

Temporary Jobs

Human resources management adapted to your business.

Focus on your business and trust in our capacity to manage the recruitment and selection of employees, salary processing and the fulfilment of the contractual law and management.

The employees will be available for the necessary period, without any waiting time, reserving for themselves the power of authority and direction, privileging their business strategy properly framed in the current legislative framework.

In addiction to the advantages always associated to this type of employment, our clients benefit from the speed of the recruitment and selection process of candidates; for this purpose Masterminds People maintains a database with candidates with different profiles, enabling a fast and effective response to companies needs at any time.

Temporary Jobs
Professional Qualification

Professional Qualification

Masterminds People assumes the commitment to provide to our clients a certified qualification service that will enable an incremented adaptive capacity within the current business context. Ever-more notoriously, building a cohesive and consistent corporate identity is influenced by the way how present challenges are faced in the development and qualification of employees.

Masterminds People, in the final stage of certification, develops training management systems according to the reference System of Certification of Training Entities issued by DGERT.

HR Internationalization

Successful internationalization is prepared in people.

Dosapac Group celebrates 10 years of internationalzsation in Europe and Africa. The knowledge accumulated in geographies as dispersed as the cultures that received us forms the basis of our offer of HR management in companies in processes of internationalization, a fundamental task for the success of the global strategy, that begins long before the selection of expatriate professionals. Prior to the exposure to the legal frameworks of foreign markets, and factors such as competition or customs duties, it’s necessary to anticipate and bear in mind the transformation of the mother company, so the change process can be beneficial and feel natural.

We assist the professionals in disease prevention, in temporary or permanent housing, and we accelerate the insertion of expats into society and local structures and organizations. We take care of the details so that business quickly achieves success — a success shared by the displaced teams with  the teams that remain in the company of origin.

HR Internationalization



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